Saturday, 10 September 2016

The silent language of souls...

The silent language, is indeed the purest form of connection. The communication enters from within - that all sounds cliche - though is true. You do not connect with your soul whilst living outwardly. You connect when you give yourself space to sit silently and hear the whispers of your you.  Sometimes you double take your whispers as thoughts or nonsense. You being to question yourself - did i hear that? How did it know? Really?
Yes, trust yourself, trust your inner feeling of understanding that this is right... this is your truth. Talking and attempting to guide you to shine your light.
You see we are all make of light. It's just up to you whether you choose to live in your shadow or your light?
When you are feeling low do not forget to acknowledge that our shadow can seem larger than our light at times and can be overbearing (imagine looking at your shadow on the ground in front of you  - bigger than you).. have faith that your light will shine again if you live your TRUTH. 

If you lie, judge, and look at yourself negatively your shadow will over come you. If you have the strength to live truthfully (even when it does not 'fit' the ideal in your society) then you will know that you are making connection to your soul, you are accepting the soft nudges and guidance that your see laid out in front of you. Your light shines ever so brightly. Other humans and their souls are attracted to you. They then live their truth and then reflect this onto others. This is how we can collectively heal ourselves, others and our earth. This is how our frequency can lift higher - and others want to follow and too live fully open and awake. With no doubt in their mind that they must listen, connect and be their souls light.
I struggle to give myself the space to listen frequently. I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, a blogger (ha!) and when its time to sit silently there is generally a time limit.. I don't like to live by time, though in our reality we do.
I tend to connect at the best of times when I am completely relaxed and have not time limit around me.  I have the capacity to channel, heal and listen totally when i am in that space. This can be completely scary to someone who hasn't done this before.
The fear is a little resistance from the negative mind thinking you are cooky... You are not. Your soul, answers and healing is all there. Every human being has this capacity to connect. Its just whether you want to listen and live your life to the be your absolute best and in its truest form. 

When living day to day - trust your feelings  - trust your gut, your nervous system, your sweat, your tears, your laughs. Trust the pushes to move you forward. Trust your you. It's your spirit coming forward through from the depths of your soul, and just reminding you to stay on task. They are the quick messages that you leads you through your day. These messages can easily be ignored - and if you do, the circumstances may not always seem that bad. Though if you live like this daily - then this will shift sooner or later to a place where you will feel stuck, sad and negative. This can be traumatic for your human body at times, and crushing for your soul. The disappointment your body can feel is strong. Your body then takes on the emotion and then becomes dis-eased... you are not feeling at ease you are feeling dis- eased. This is when your human body home of your soul begins to deteriorate. And unless you begin listening to the cues - your human body will die. Your soul will move on ready to re learn the lesson over again.
My advice to you is to stop breath listen and live.

Saturday, 19 December 2015

Knowing your soul mate

Did you know that your soul mate is you?
Did you know that?

The expression of you. Your true you. The deeper you. What you want to say, dance, be and sing. Just you. Flowing in you. Knowing you. Accepting YOU (when others may not) REJOICING IN YOU.

Yep if you have been looking all these years, all you had to do is go within and connect to your essence. You find it there. Your hear you... the deeper you. Go on, listen.

Expressing what you want to say, expressing your you. Your gift. Living your gift.

Moving up to a level of consciousness that can see the material world in a form of suppression.
The material world suppresses the human mind. And has succeeded for sometime in history to the majority of the western world at least.
Until now, we as humans we want to know more, we want to connect, to one another and ourselves.

Neuroscience, and the way of mindfulness has  recently been introduced to the western world I believe is the beginning of rising higher.
I have questioned the capacity of the human brain for years, since I was a teenager. I have been thrown challenges or you may see them as opportunities that i have explored in my life to understand that the human brain is magnificent. The pathways that it acquires and creates purely from practice is mind blowing.
Understanding the two sides of the brain, the differences that they have and how they function is superb. One side is logical , the other embracing the creativity of the soul. One side offers survival as a human, the other is assisting pure soul purpose. They do intertwine and combine as one leaving space for the soul to express itself through the human body.

To understand that there are the same nerve senses in the gut than there is in the brain confirms 'impulse' to me. 'Gut feeling' becomes a signal to brain we then 'React'.
Understanding a feeling in sense and then in thought. This is the physical us.

Our purity and essence is in our soul.

Human + soul = WoW (Go on rock in you :)

Choose Joy, please choose joy

When darkness enters your mind, choose joy.
Say it, truly say it. No. I choose joy. Not sadness, sorrow, guilt, shame or belittlement.
Choose Joy. Its YOUR choice, no one else's, but yours.

Joy is far more fun, happy and prominent in anyone's life or mind.
Joy. yippee...
Find the fun , find the happiness and find the Jolly joy in the moment of dullness.
Flip it, shift it. Say it.
Yell it. scream it. Rejoice in it.

Your definition of success...

What is your definition of success?
No, seriously what is it?

Career, money, status, image, layers of lies?
Support, serving, moment less butterflies and breeze - observation of the now and the listening to silence with noise all around you?
The being of you. In your truth?
The having the balls to accelerate to the next level of consciousness?
To conquer the fear of opinion, judgement and fake talk?

I am hear observing the fast forward, definition of success...
money - belongings - talk - labels -material

Not only do i observe it, I  have lived it, experienced it.
This is why the feeling, expression and meaning is so real.
No seriously, please stop it.
The urge of a message to filter out to you is so significant and strong.
How to fast forward your true definition and meaning to your success?
Stop resisting.

Success happens in every day. Not in your talking though in your doing. Your being, your breath, your assistance and loving to you all around you.
Your care and sharing.
Your forgiveness and listening.
Mums: your wiping bottoms, and providing your children with the space to guide you and open your mind, soul and wonder to so much more than you ever would of imagined. This is success. Why? Because you are evolving. As humans do, and not only the human life that you are living in this now, but the evolving happening in your soul. This is just a snippet of your whole experience. We evolve forever.
We experience an Earth life to support, teach,guide, serve and live. Add a bit of your essence to others in a physical experience.

Living the material success is fun for a while.
Feeling the flow is success in my mind. Only recently am i aware of this as success.
What is your flow?
The building of a business, relationship, family... Feeling the momentum. When it stops you then understand that the flow is gone.
You begin to wonder when it is going to come back? How do I get it back? How long do i have to suffer?
Why am I suffering? What good is this doing to me?
When will this shift? change? When will I feel good again?
The answer is when you have learnt what you are meant to learn. When you have taken the space to accept, forgive, and SURRENDER to the lesson.

Go now and be 'SUCCESSFUL' in your power not anyone else's.

Saturday, 20 June 2015


Peel fear away from your thoughts, actions and voice.
Fear is the fence between you and your soul
Your soul is the authentic you. 
The fear stems from your mind... and puts doubt, vulnerability, fright, anxiousness, depression in your heart and then suppresses your dreams.
Fear is the 'what if's' the 'I should of's' and the 'you can't ' chatter in your mind
Fear is debilitating and brings out the fake you.

Fear can rule your life if you let it...
There are dreams and fear jumps in to crush them - if you let it 
Fear is not you - its your mind playing with you...

You can actually chat to your fear and accept you have it in you, Do Not FEEL it...
see it and let it vanish into thin air, or let it move on.
During your day many thoughts pass through your mind. It is fair to watch them, then allow them to move on...
If you continue to watch them, they began to make you feel. This then encourages repetitious thoughts and physical fear. You will no longer go back. A cycle of fear can continue on for as long as you think it. Until you set it aside. let it go, let it fly away, let it disintegrate. 

Do not FEEL it... If you feel it, the frequency of your fear is felt through your heart and then becomes reality.
Did you know that the feeling of anger lasts 90 secs within your body, that feeling can prompt you to think of it again which then triggers your feeling again!
This then becomes a viscous circle - you then feel anger forever more... until you stop, breath, move away from the situation and make your CHOICE not to feel it anymore.
The fear will then pass and you then have the FREEDOM to move forward and follow the yearning of your soul. (your truth and purpose)

Tuesday, 9 June 2015


I am experiencing an unfolding of information and knowing that has been widening my mind, and reassuring my thoughts throughout my journeyIt excites me.It is so fabulous to be excited again!To learn more and more and to actually make some sense of all of the research that i have been consuming that i now understand to go on forever and into history.The discoveries that I am making, about myself and my family is intriguing and brilliant.

Unfolding my definition of GOD is refreshing. My belief is open and clear. To me, GOD represents Great, One, Divinity – it is no one – but all…It is the universe plus some… it is all of us and we are all… ONE.

My understanding that our souls are separate from our bodies, is strong and true.. 
We are all energy – we are here ALIVE in a human body – for a short moment. In this race – that is DESPERATE for more – ever so quietly we have evolved – until NOW we are eager to know more, and embrace change, as embrace the unknown, to challenge what could be real? But what’s more to MAKE our OWN choices and create our own VALUES… and go with them….LOVE is incorporated into all of this…LOVE is the most important one of all... 

We are at the tip, the tip of breaking free…Free to what? Free to our own divine understanding of who we are and who we want to be, and for that to be accepted, not by others but by you. Watching the evolving race is brilliant, it’s actually happening everywhere we look…The Awareness is everywhere…
  • ·         In the quotes that we all see daily on social media
  • ·         The movies that are being made out there…
  • ·         The encouragement of love
  • ·         The increased value in yoga and meditation – schools are practicing this daily

To listen, to be….authentic you. The peeling away of fear and fright…The accepting that our choices are ours and that we are responsible for them.Fear is non –existent if you want it to be.
Watch the change in your living if you disregard fear.

Intention is greater than ever…
Dreams are intention… 
Knowing and understanding that you are powerful, every HUMAN being is. We are greater than we have been told so. We are intelligent, full, accepting and full of indescribable, infinite power, within our human body or not. We are privileged to experience our state in our human body, as we have intelligence. We can use our human body for assistance, to evolve higher, and be stronger in the form of our being.
Our purpose is to live in this being – not be a slave to humanity – but to excel and lift up to our higher consciousness – to know and accept that there is more.

We all have the possibility to be in a higher state of being. We ALL have the ability to be intuitive and act on feeling – especially feeling of LOVE. The LOVE revolution has been alive for some time, it has been recognised by a minority, though this is quickly becoming a majority – be with it. RUN with it…Peace love and awareness – or should I say AWAKEN is here… PEACE, love and Light xx

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

The truth about children…

In my opinion is that,

They are spontaneous
They are full of life
They are innocent
They are genuine
They are light                                                                        
They are open
They are NOT as dependent on adults as we may think
They are VERY capable
They need to experience it  for themselves to genuinely learn
Children are NOT robots – they do not always act on your instruction,
They test – EVERYONE, they need to work out their limits and boundaries with each individual
They will not show respect if you don’t
They need eye contact
They need reassurance – they do not need banter
They need clear instruction, not fuzzy
They need compromise, gentle conversation & YOUR TIME
(Once involved in a game all focus is there… so much more intriguing than the TV)
Authentic presence by their family and peers is essential,
as is love and security
Time is not important to children, as they live in the moment.

They are our teachers….

What have you learnt from a child lately?

'My Teachers'

                                                                               (an oldie but a goodie!)